About Haag Baby

Haag Baby is a new and fresh brand in the baby clothing industry, however our producer Aksem Baby has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing top quality baby clothing.

Our baby clothes are made with advanced technologies and high-quality fabrics like organic cotton and modal. All of our garments are made in Bursa, Turkey.

All the manufacturing process happens in one facility from the design table to packaging.

Haag Baby clothes are ethically made, we make sure that our trade does not exploit or harm anybody. We decided to make all of our garments from organic fabrics.

Choosing organic cotton for baby clothing production does not only benefit the babies’ health but also is a much more environmentally friendly way to obtain cotton.

We distribute wholesale baby clothing all over the world. We would like to provide the world with affordable high-quality organic baby clothing.

Our Mission

We at Haag Baby believe that our trade must not harm and exploit anybody. Environmentally friendly production and providing a healthy work environment is the base line for us.

We want to prove that baby clothes made of organic cotton, modal, and other high-quality fabrics are not a luxury anymore.

We make eco-friendly production a standard practice and promote quality and longevity over quantity. We want our baby clothes to be passed down for generations to come and given to those in need years after being worn.